Thursday, April 23, 2009

Palåbran 04/23/09: Engelo'

Engelo' (EH-ngeh-lo'): (verb) Peep at, peek at, as through a crevice or small hole.


"Engelo' fan i nene gi maigo'-ña." = "Take a peek at (go check on) the baby in his sleep."
"Umengelo' huyong i lahi gi bentåna kao manmåfåtto esta i ga'chong-ña siha. " = "The guy is peeking out the window to see if his friends have come."
"Manengelo' hålom i famagu'on gi kahita." = "The children peeped inside the box."

Note: Engelo' in Guamanian Chamorro does not have a sexual connotation associated with it in general, whereas adu (to peep, as in a peeping tom) does have such a connotation. I'm not quite sure how this word is used in the other dialects of Chamorro. The word is also pronounced ngelo'.

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