Sunday, May 3, 2015

Palåbran 05/03/2015: gånna (to win)

Gånna (GUN-nah): Win--something as in a raffle; defeat; overpower--someone; beat--an opponent; outmaneuver; earn.

"Hu gånna hao gi karera." = "I beat you in the race."
"Kuåntu ginannå-mu gi painge?" = "How much did you win last night?"
"Kao manggånnana hao?" = "Are you still winning?"

gånna + -in- => ginanna = winnings/profit/gains/victory

man- + gånna + -na => mangånnana = winning (still/continuously)
Some consider this form of syllable reduplication as a child-like construction or at best less than formal. Another way to state the last example would be to use the phrase "åsta på'go (until now)." So, something like "Kao manggåganna hao åsta på'go?"