Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pålåbran 05/20/2010: Atan

Atan (AH-tan): Look at, glance, perceive.

"Ti hu atan i chalan annai mañugon yo' ya aksidente yo'." = "I didn't look at the road when I was driving, and got into an accident."
"Atan fan kuåntu båli-ña." = "Please, see (perceive) how much it costs."
"Atan ha' på'go i bidå-mu!" = "Look at what you've done now!"

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pålåbran 05/09/2010: Nihi

Nihi (NEE-hee): Let's (do something)--used with future verb and 1st person plural pronouns.

Note: Nihi can be used as a stand alone sentence as a shorter way to say, "Let's go."

"Nihi ta hånao para i tenda." = "Let's (2 people) go to the store."
"Nihi ta famboka." = "Let's (3 or more people) eat."
"Nihi ta egga' i mubi." = "Let's (2 people) watch the movie."