Saturday, May 14, 2016

Palåbra para på'go: gonaf (scale)

Go'naf [GO'-naf]:
/noun/: Scale--a thin coating, covering, film, or incrustation; fish scale.
/verb/: To scale; separate and come off in scales; shed scales; pare off.

"Na'gåsgas maolek i guihan sa' ti månnge' i ge'naf." = "Clean the fish well, because scales aren't tasty."
"Kalakas! Un sotta' i ge'naf gi labadot." = "Gross! You left the scales in the sink."
"Tåya' go'naf i asuli." = "Eels don't have scales."

"Magåhet un go'naf este?" = "Did you really scale this?"
"Go'naf fan ya guåhu bai tunu." = "Scale it please and I"ll be the one to grill it."