Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pålåbran 03/24/10: Atanon

Atanon (a-TA-none): Handsome, good looking, pretty, appearance, decent looking.

"Ti gof bunita gue', lao atanon." = "She's not that pretty, but she's decent."
"Måtto gi chatpa'go gue', ni didide' atanon." = "He is very ugly, he's not even slightly good looking."
"Atanon i hatdin gi me'nan guma'-mu." = "The garden in front of your house is pretty."

Friday, March 19, 2010

Pålåbran 03/19/2010: Frihon

Frihon (free-HON): Joker, jester, buffoon.

"Frihon si Jose, ya-ña umossitan." = "Jose is a joker, he likes to play tricks."
"Ha eståni i che'lu-ña, sa gof frihon gue'." = "He played a trick on his brother, because he's a joker."
"Gof ya-ña si Juan frumihon." = "Juan likes to be a joker (to joke around)."

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pålåbran 03/10/10: Nå'yåni

Nå'yåni (nah'-DZAH-knee): Serve food (to someone), prepare a plate (for someone), give food or drink (to someone).

"Ha nå'yåni yo' ni na'-hu." = "She served my food to me."
"Nå'yåni i patgon fan, sa' ñålang." = "Give the kid some food, because he's hungry."
"Hu nå'yåni si nånå-hu nenkanno' ginen i gipot, sa' atrasao macho'cho'." = "I made my mother a plate of food from the party, because she worked late."

Monday, March 8, 2010

Pålåbran 03/08/10: Po'lo

Po'lo (PO'-loo): Place, set, arrange, establish, put, invest.

Note: Po'lo also means "wait, hold off, set aside, etc." but that's for another post.

"Po'lo i plåtu-mu gi lamasa." = "Put your plate on the table."
"Ha po'lo i salåpe'-ña gi kapetå-ña." = "He put his money in his wallet."
"Kao hågu pumo'lo i kahita gi papa' i siya?" = "Were you the one that put the box under the chair?"

Friday, March 5, 2010

Palåbran 03/05/10: Eyugue'

Eyugue' (EH-dzoo-gwee'): There is, stating existence (object away from both the speaker and the addressee).

Note: Some also say this word as ayugue'.

"Eyugue' i gimen-ña kafe." = "There is his coffee."
"Eyugue' i karetå-hu." = "There's my car."
"Eyugue' i tenda." = "There is the store."