Monday, August 19, 2013

Palåbran 08/19/2013: To'a

To'a (TOE'-uh): Mature (fruit); ripe; fruit--ready for picking; mature mind.

Note: Usually you will hear to'a to refer to fruit that has reached full maturity, but it can also be used to mean a wise or mature mind.

"Hånao ya un gaole i bilembines, sa' esta manoto'a." = "Go pick the star apples, because they're already becoming ripe."
"Maseha gada' pat to'a, gof månnge' många!" = "Whether immature or mature, mango is delicious!"
"Angokkuyon gue' sa' kalan to'a hinasso-ña." = "He's trustworthy, because his mind seems matured."

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Palåbran 08/07/2013: Adahi

Adahi (uh-DA-hee): Careful; watch out; look out; beware.

"Adahi hao gi chalan." = "Be careful on the road."
"Adahi i patgon na u sulon." = "Watch out for the child so he doesn't slip."
"Pineddonguan gue' ni våsu sa' ti ha adahi bidå-ña." = "He accidentally dropped the glass because he wasn't careful of what he was doing."

Adahi is sometimes written/said hadahi and/or adai.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Palåbran 08/01/2013: Malångu

Malångu (ma-LONG-oo): Sick; ill; not well.

"Kao malångu hao?" = "Are you sick?"
"Taigue gue' sa' malångu." = "She's not here because she's ill."
"Adahi i sirenu na un malångu." = "Be careful of the night air so you don't get sick."