Friday, May 29, 2009

Palåbran 05/29/09: Yanggen

Yanggen (DZANG-gen): (adverb, conjunction) If, when (usually used to connect clauses or phrases).

Note: This is a conditional marker used when the outcome has not occurred. "If" something might happen, and "when" something might happen use the same word. When the outcome has already taken place, we use the word "annai."


"Ga'chungi yo' para i gipot, yanggen malago' hao." = "Accompany me to the party, if you want."
"Yanggen guåha sålåpe'-hu, bai hu fambåkåsion." = "When I have money, I will go on vacation."
"Yanggen muñangu hao agupa', munga maleffa ni sunblock." = "When/If you go swim, don't forget the sunblock."

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