Friday, March 5, 2010

Palåbran 03/05/10: Eyugue'

Eyugue' (EH-dzoo-gwee'): There is, stating existence (object away from both the speaker and the addressee).

Note: Some also say this word as ayugue'.

"Eyugue' i gimen-ña kafe." = "There is his coffee."
"Eyugue' i karetå-hu." = "There's my car."
"Eyugue' i tenda." = "There is the store."


  1. It should be noted too that the word can be used as a singular response. For example, to point to something in the distance (again, away from both speaker and addressee)...There it is! Eyugue'!

  2. That's true, as with many words in Chamorro, it can stand alone as a sentence. Just like "manengheng/maipe" can stand alone to mean "it is cold/hot."