Monday, August 23, 2010

Pålåbran 08/23/2010: Måmåhlao

Måmåhlao (muh-MAH-lao): Ashamed; be ashamed; shamefaced; bashful; shy; emarrassed.

Note: This is also spelled/said as måmålao.

"Måtåtå'chong i lahi sa' måmåhlao gue' bumaila." = "The guy is sitting down because he's ashamed to dance."
"Kånno' fan... munga måmåhlao." = "Please eat... don't be embarrassed."
"Gakgao na boi, ti måmåhlao manggåggao." = "The boy likes to ask for things, he's not bashful about begging (for stuff)."

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