Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pålåbran 02/09/2011: Lekngai

Lekngai (LEK-ngai): Stiff-necked; cricked neck.

"Lekngai yo'." = "I have a crick in my neck."
"Munga maigo' taiguenao na un lekngai." = "Don't sleep like that or you'll get a stiff neck."
"Gof ya-ña umegga' TV, ya fihu lekngai gue'." = "He really likes to watch TV, and often has a stiff neck."

Note: In Chamorro you "are" lekngai rather than "have" lekngai. Also, instead of using lekngai as in the above examples, you can also use it to describe your neck, i.e.: Lekngai i tengho-hu (My neck is stiff).

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