Friday, April 29, 2011

Pålåbran 04/29/2011: Fa'na'an

Fa'na'an (fah'-NAH'-an): Maybe, perhaps.

Note: Fa'na'an comes from fa'- (to change or pretend to be) + nå'an (name). Fa'na'an literally means "nickname," but is often used as "maybe," "perhaps," or even in the sense of "seems like."

"Fa'na'an ti ya-ña i fina'tinås-hu." = "Perhaps (it seems like) she doesn't like my cooking."
"Fa'na'an ni sikiera un na'gåsgås i gima'-mu." = "Maybe (it's like) you didn't even bother to clean your house."
"Para bai hånao fa'na'an para i gipot." = "Perhaps I'll go to the party."

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