Thursday, March 12, 2009

Palåbran 03/12/09: Appleng

Appleng: (adjective) Sprained, dislocated, twisted muscle or bone.

Note: Appleng is also used to mean an improper form of language, or slangy, markedly colloquial form of speech.


"Ti siña gue' mamokkat, sa' appleng i patas-ña." = "She can't walk, because she sprained her foot/ankle."
"Hekkua' hafa ilelek-ña si Maria... gof appleng i kumentos-ña." = "I have no clue what Maria was saying... her speech is really incomprehensible."
"Ai! Hu dossok si Juan ya appleng i kalalot-hu på'go." = "Ow! I poked John and now my finger got twisted/sprained."

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