Friday, September 11, 2009

Palåbran 09/11/09: Li'e'on

Li'e'on (lee'-eh'-on): (adjective) Visible, can be seen.

Note: This is a combination of li'e' (to see) and -on (abilitative suffix). This word is one way around the construction using siña in certain cases..


"Ti li'e'on i gima'-hu ginen i chalan." = "My house cannot be seen from the road."
"Li'e'on i manådan i'e' gi hanom sa' gof klåru." = "The school of baby skip jacks is visible in the water because it's very clear."
"Li'e'on i islan Luta ginen Guåhan." = "The island of Rota is visible from Guam."

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