Friday, April 30, 2010

Leksion Chamoru: Prefix ha-

The prefix ha- is used to mean "usually" or "often." Here are some examples to help clarify that a bit:
  • Målångu = Sick.
    Ha- + målångu => Hamålångu = Sickly, often is sick.
  • Måleffa = Forgot.
    Ha- + måleffa => Hamåleffa = Forgetful, usually forgets.
  • Fåtta = Lacking, missing, absent.
    Ha- + fåtta => Hafåtta = Usually lacking, usually missing, often absent.
There are also several other ways to connote similar ideas in Chamorro, such as "sesso (continuously, often)," "fihu (often)," "todu i tiempo (always, all the time)," etc.

One thing to note about "ha-" is that it forces the primary stress to fall on the first syllable. Using the above examples, we get:
  • Hamålångu => HA-ma-luh-ngoo
  • Hamåleffa => HA-ma-lef-fa
  • Hafåtta => HA-fut-ta

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