Friday, April 23, 2010

Pålåbran 04/23/2010: Mångge

Mångge (MUNG-gi): Where (question), where is it.

Note: Mangge is a contraction of "månu nai gaige." However, the contraction of "where are they" or "månu nai manggaige" is "manmångge."

"Mångge si Juan?" = "Where is Juan?"
"Kao un tungo' mångge i yabi-hu?" = "Do you know where my key is?"
"Manmångge i mañe'lu-mu?" = "Where are your siblings?"


  1. Hafa Adai!

    I found your site on Google and was wondering if you could help me. Can you translate this phrase from English to Chamorro for my fiance and I? He's half Chamorro half Hispanic and we want this phrase on our wedding invitations:

    "You two are now one, the darkness is past."

    Thank you!

  2. I'm not exactly sure what that is trying to say, but I guess one way to say it would be "Unu ha' hamyo na dos på'go, maloffan i hinemhom." However, that doesn't really make too much sense without some context behind it, at least in Chamorro.