Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pålåbran 08/11/2010: Bisita

Bisita (bee-SEE-ta): Visit, visitor.

Note: Bisita can be use as either a verb or a noun.

"Hu bisita i che'lu-hu giya California." = "I visited my sister in California."
"Kao en bisita si Tomås esta?" = "Have you (plural) already visited Tomas?"
"Kuåntos tiempo para un fanbisita guini?" = "How long are you going to visit here?"

"Megaggai bisitå-hu siha gi tiempon Påskua." = "I have a lot of visitors at Christmas time."
"Ti para u fåtto si Jose, sa' guåha bisitå-ña." = "Jose isn't coming, since he has a visitor."
"I bisita ilek-ña taotao Hapon gue'." = "The visitor said he is Japanese."

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