Monday, August 22, 2011

Pålåbran 08/22/2011: Hongga

Hongga (HONG-ga): Audible; able to be heard.

Note: Some also say honggan. I believe the word is a contraction of hungok (to hear) + -(y)on (abilitative suffix) to get something like hungukon, however I, personally, have never heard hungukon.

"Hongga i burukento gi halom i måkinan karetå-hu." = "There's an audible noise in my car's engine."
"Famatkilu fan nåya' sa' kalan ti hongga i taotao." = "Be quiet for a bit, because the person is practically inaudible."
"Hongga i essalao-na desde gi halom guma'." = "His yelling was audible from inside the house."

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