Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Palåbran 09/27/2011: Kilili

Kilili (KEY-lee-lee): To hand-carry, drift away--by current, carry along.

Note: This type of carrying is how you would hold a grocery bag or a purse, by holding it in your hand rather than on your shoulder or to your chest. The other definition means to be taken by the current.

"Puti kalalot-hu sa' hu kilili i kestat ya gof makkat." = "My fingers hurt because I was carrying the bag and it was heavy."
"I korente ha kilili i boti." = "The current carried the boat away."
"Ai, annai hu kilili iyo-ku selfon (cell-phone) bumasnak ya mayamak!" = "Ai, when I was carrying my cell-phone in my hand it slipped out and broke!"

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