Monday, April 9, 2012

Palåbran 04/09/2012: Håyi

Håyi (HA-dzee): Who (question word).

Note: When you need a pronoun in a question about a person, you use the word håyi. While mostly translated to "who" in English, it is sometimes also translated to "what" or "which," depending on the question.

"Håyi chumule' i yabi-hu?" = "Who took my keys?"
"Kao un tungo' håyi eyu na taotao?" = "Do you know who that person is?"
"Håyi umålok hao?" = "Who told you? (Who said?)"

"Håyi na'ån-mu?" = "What is your name?"
"Håyi na taotao?" = "What people?" or "Which person?"

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