Monday, April 16, 2012

Palåbran 04/16/2012: Tife'

Tife' (TEE-fee'): Pick, break off--especially the fruit from a tree, vine, etc.

Note: Sometimes you'll hear tife' to mean "knock out a tooth" or "chip a tooth." The indefinite form of tife' is mamfe' or manfe', a contraction of the word manife'.

"Tife' fan tres na lemon." = "Please, pick three lemons."
"Munga matife' i lalanghita, sa' manggada'." = "Don't pick the tangerine, because it's still unripened."
"Ti ya-hu mamfe' mångga ni kannai-hu, maolekña bai fanggaole." = "I don't like to pick mangoes by hand, it's better to use a gaole (stick or pole for picking fruit)."

"Ti hu tungo' na gaisimiyas i fruta, ya kanna' ha tife' yo'." = "I didn't know the fruit had a pit, and it almost chipped my tooth."
"Hu tife' i nifen-ña i patgon." = "I pulled out the child's tooth."

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