Friday, August 14, 2009

Palåbran 08/14/09: Emmok

Emmok (EM-muck): (verb) Avenge, get even.

Note: Topping's dictionary also says it means to "hide something until it ripens," but I have only ever heard the word nunok used like that. If you know emmok to be similar to nunok, please let me know.


"Ha emmok si Juan i che'lu-ña para u aña." = "John got even with his brother by hitting him."
"Guåha na biåhi na må'emmok yo' gi eskuela." = "I've gotten picked on (someone got even with me) at school."
"Hu emmok hao, sa' un pañiti yo' nigap." = "I got revenge on you, because you hit me yesterday."

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