Friday, August 21, 2009

Palåbran 08/21/09: Pine'lo

Pine'lo (pee-NEH'-loo): (noun) Presumption, assumption, thought, presuming opinion.

Note: This is usually used with a possessive pronoun (suffix).


"Ti hu ofresi hao nu chå sa' pine'lo-ku na ti ya-mu chå." = "I didn't offer you any tea because I thought you didn't like tea."
"Un chule'guan yo' ni lepblo-ku sa' pine'lo-mu na bai na'ayao hao." = "You took my book because you assumed I was going to lend it to you."
"Pine'lon-måmi na para un fåtto tåftåf gi egga'an." = "We presume that you will come early in the morning."

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