Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Palåbran 07/07/09: Maigo'

Maigo' (MY-go'): (pseudo-verb) Sleep, slumber, hibernate.

Note: Topping in his dictionary also gives the definition of "spin so quickly and smoothly that its motion is imperceptible." I've personally never used/heard it used that way, but if you have, let me know.

"Kao mamaigo' si Juan?" = "Is John sleeping?"
"Na'må'åse' i neni sa' ti siña gue' maigo'." = "The poor baby can't go to sleep."
"Manmamaigo' i famagu'on sa' pupuengi esta." = "The children are sleeping since it's already late at night."

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  1. I have never heard of that either but I'll ask my elders. I do know that one of the carried over activities from Indonesia was the talompo or spinning top that was a game children used to play. Maybe that definition was a colloquial usage of the work maigo in that context but that's just a theory.

    Other carried over customs and traditions from Indo-Malay origins is the katupat and the mama' or chewing of betel nut with afok and pupulu. We also have many vocabulary words that are the same in Indo-Malay languages like asu, mata, chalan, uchan, manuk, babui, hafa, taotao, and fanihi for examples.