Monday, July 27, 2009

Palåbran 07/27/09: Atof

Atof (A-tuf): (noun) Roof.


"Ha dåggao hulo' i patgon i bola gi atof." = "The kid threw the ball up on the roof."
"Madestrosa i atof ni pakyo'." = "The roof was destroyed by the storm."
"Ma arekla i atof sa' susumi' i kisami." = "They fixed the roof because the ceiling was leaking."


  1. Quick comment about the word "tuhu":

    tuhu is used to describe a liquid that is dripping. So the subject of the word tuhu should always be a liquid. To describe a thing that has a leak the proper word would be "sumi'."

    Sumi' i latan ganta ya tuhu i kafe gi lamasa.

  2. You're absolutely right, thanks for the correction!